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ebookit reviewseBookit.com is a relatively new company that is taking advantage of the increase in popularity of eBooks. Up until recently, a handful of publishing giants such as Penguin ruled the publishing world with the print novel still the most sought after literary item. With the advent of the Kindle, it became clear that eBooks was a huge business with people adapting to reading from a computer screen. Bo Bennett created the company in 2010 after having difficulties converting his print book into eBook form. The nightmare he underwent convinced him that there was a market for a business that could easily convert your print books into an electronic format.

eBook conversion, publishing and distribution:
The company works with publishers and authors and helps you distribute the converted eBook to major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. The company does virtually everything for you including:

  • Preparing your file for conversion – This involves manual editing which will ensure that the book is formatted correctly. Automated conversions usually look awful and can cost you sales.
  • ISBN Number – This is a unique identification number that is required by retailers in order to keep track of sales. Essentially, you need an ISBN number of your book in order for it to be found by booksellers.
  • Conversion to different eBook types – eBooks have several standard formats. Each major retailer has their own specific formatting style and eBookit will ensure that your book meets all of their requirements.
  • Quality check – A team of professional editors will look over the contents of the book to ensure there are no serious errors.
  • Distribution – eBookit.com has links with every store that matters. In fact, they will convert it and distribute it to sellers who account for all but 2% of eBooks sales in the world.

The author must upload the book in .doc/docx, .pages, .odt, .rtf or PDF form. eBookit also offers to create a cover page for $50 if you don’t have one. If you have designed one yourself, be sure to upload it. Add some basic information about the book and $149 and that’s it! PDF files cost $249 and if you send in a printed book, this will cost $3 a page.

This is an additional service offered by eBookit.com and involves the use of press releases and other media in order to ensure your book is seen by as many people as possible. There are several promotion options:

  • U.S Media Blast – This is an email sent out to hundreds of major U.S media outlets. This costs $195. This email usually involves a follow-up from various media outlets who request a copy of the book for review.
  • Press Release through PRWeb – $195. There is also a Press Release writing service for $295.
  • Global Media Blast – Like the U.S version expect for the fact that 3,000 media contacts are used. You also receive a detailed report after 30 days which tells you with outlets opened your message. This costs $295.

This is another great way to get your book seen around the world. Their incredible array of contacts ensures that if your work is good enough and you are willing to use their distribution and promotion channels, it is possible that major media outlets will give your book priceless publicity. eBookit.com takes 15% of the royalties on top of what is taken by retailers such as Amazon.com. So if your book was on Amazon for $10 and you received the 70% royalty option, eBookit.com would receive $7 from Amazon and you would be paid $5.95 by eBookit after the company takes its piece. This gives you almost 60% of the overall price which is far more than what you would receive from traditional publishers.


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