How To Get Started Writing Your Book

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If you are a bookworm and love a great read, you may have wondered how to write a book.  How exactly do you get started?  Many people have the goal of writing a book during their lifetime.  Whether it be a fiction novel or a non-fiction piece, to write a book can be a very fulfilling process.  Some write from experience, such as their life stories, while others love to create and dream up their characters and their experiences within the story.  Non-fiction books are also very interesting to write and are usually written by a subject matter expert in a particular field.  If you have ever wanted to write a book and wondered where exactly to get started, here are some tips on where to begin.

Before you begin writing your book, you may want to map out your story.  Writing a book is a long and grueling process that can take several years.  During that journey, you may lose sight of where you were going within the story.  By writing down a brief synopsis of your story in the beginning, you will be able to get back on track if you should lose yourself within the book.  Next, you need to find your writing zone.  Your writing zone is a place where your imagination and creativity can move freely from your brain to your fingers as you type your story.  Everyone’s writing zone is different.  Some people prefer to have their zone’s perfectly quiet with no disturbances, while others like to have music playing in the background while they type away.  The time of day can also have an impact on your writing abilities.  Many people write best in the morning and afternoon hours, feeling that their mind is still fresh from a good night’s sleep; however, some people might feel more at ease writing in the evening hours and late into the night when they have a chance to unwind from the day.  Whatever the best environment is for you to write in, is known as the writing zone.  Make sure that you let your family know what works best for you so they can let you have your time set aside to write a book.

A brainstorming session is a great way to get your book started.  After you have written your story synopsis, you can start writing down whatever comes to your mind.  Try not to worry about trivial things at this point such as exact wording, placement of chapters or paragraphs, or characters.  Just think about your ideas and getting them down so you have somewhere to start from.  When you have some ideas in place, you can begin to tell your story, add your characters, and shape your plot.

Writing a book is an amazing journey and a wonderful personal adventure.  No matter which type of book you decide to write, be it a children’s book, prose, novel, or non-fiction, you will be thrilled with your accomplishment once it is finished.  Hopefully, you will find a publisher so you can share your story with the rest of the world.

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