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lulu is the home of a self publishing company that was originally founded in 2002. It offers publishing, printing and distribution services and currently has its HQ in North Carolina. To date, the company has published more than 1.1 million titles in 200 countries with 20,000 new titles added each month. Certainly, companies like Lulu are in great demand as it is no secret that the publishing industry is in something of a decline. When one considers the subjectivity of literature, it’s easy to imagine how many great titles have failed to get published by traditional companies. As a result, Lulu offers would-be authors the chance to hit the big time.

Pre-Publishing Services
Lulu claims that those who use their services sell twice as many books on average as they would with any other self publishing company. They promise to deliver exemplary formatting and professional editing. Below are their three main pre-publishing services:

  • Best Seller: This is their most affordable package at $729 and for this price you’ll have the book published, given a Lulu ISBN number, enjoy global distribution, an editorial quality review and a basic cover.
  • Masterpiece: At $1,649, this package offers ultimate formatting, a premium cover, phone support, ePub conversion and everything associated with the Best Seller package.
  • Laureate: This is their ultimate package and offers a full copy edit by professionals, 100 paperbacks, 25 hardcovers and everything the other deals offer. This will set you back a hefty $4,949.

Editorial Quality Review
This is an additional service which is not included in the lower priced pre-publishing packages and costs $199 on its own. It begins with a 5-8 page sample edit which shows you the level of editing required. The manuscripts are read by editors who work for top US companies such as McGraw Hill and the American Bar Association with less than 10% of applicants passing Lulu’s stringent editor’s test. This service is for books longer than 15,000 words.

Marketing Packages

  • 3 month book publicity campaign: At $9,475, this is for authors who really believe in their book. Lulu will use personalized publicity using their huge array of media contacts. You need a minimum of 100 copies of your book to launch this campaign.
  • 6 week book publicity campaign: This costs $4,760 and is basically a half version of the above. Your book will be sent to various sections of the media and hopefully, a number of positive reviews will result.

Lulu will even distribute your book worldwide. They add an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which enables libraries and stores to locate your book. The company will use its contacts to get your book seen around the world. Your book will be listed on retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble which should give you an incredible amount of publicity.

No matter what your book needs, Lulu has it. This may well be the number one self publishing website in the world. As well as editing, printing, publishing and distributing, Lulu also advertises certain books on the website giving extra publicity to these titles. If you believe that your book is special and you can afford it, contact Lulu to get your masterpiece seen worldwide today!

At Lulu, it’s free to publish, and authors can create everything from hardcover books to eBooks, photo books to calendars. Browse their selection of indie content, or create your own.


3 Responses to “Lulu Review”

  1. John Rowland says:


    I am thinking of using Lulu’s 6-week book publicity campaign for an eBook of mine that I’ve just uploaded.
    Have you any authoritative figures (either from Lulu themselves or from an independent person/body) on the effectiveness of shelling out this amount of money? i.e. does anyone know the average return on investment?

    Thanks and kind regards,

    John Rowland

    • Mike says:

      Avoid Lulu. Service is almost non existent, but more troubling is the difficulty I have had with collecting my revenue.

  2. Patrick says:

    Dont go with lulu, you will be wasting your money, I did and have spent 18000, so far with them. My return on sales is 100.

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