Tips On Publishing Your Book

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There are many different options available for authors to get their books published. It used to be that you had to mail your work to a big publishing house and hope they like it enough to pursue the project, but today self-publishing has become increasingly popular as a quick and cost-effective way to get your literary works out to your audience. Here are some tips on how to publish a book.

First, identify what you want to get from your book project. Do you want to make money? Are you interested in creating a written history that you can give to close family and friends? Depending on what you want to do with the book, your self publishing options may change.

If you are creating a book to sell, check out your competition. When you are learning how to publish a book, it is a good idea to find out what else is out there so you don’t create something too similar. When you find titles of books that are similar to yours, you can call a book distributor to find out how many titles they sold in the past year to determine if there is a market for what you are selling.

As you are researching how to publish a book, you will need to know what format you prefer your book to be in—do you want it to be hardcover, paperback, or an electronic book (e-book) that will not be printed in hard copy but can be purchased and read online? These decisions can affect both your costs and the decision of what company you go with to create your book.

One great new feature of self-publishing companies is the print-on-demand, or POD model. This basically means that the company will print very small runs of your book (sometimes as low as 25 copies or less), and only print more as they are sold, so you do not have to purchase several copies of the book up front before you know how well it will sell.

When you have narrowed down the companies you are considering publishing with, find out if they can send you some samples of recently published books. Not all companies out there claiming that they can publish professional-looking books will be able to deliver, so you want to make sure you go with a company that will create a top-notch product.

Next, you can determine the size of book you want to publish. Depending on what company you are working with, there may be standard sizes that can result in cost savings, so find out in advance if that is the case. You also want to purchase an ISBN, or international standard book number.

One very important thing most people will tell you when you ask how to publish a book is that you should plan to hire a copy editor and a graphic designer so your book is completed without mistakes, and you have an eye-catching cover that looks professional.

Finally, calculate all your costs and keep track of them. If you are just learning how to publish a book for the first time, these costs can add up quickly and could get out of hand if you are not keeping tabs on your overall expenses.

Whether you are publishing for posterity or to make money, doing it yourself is a great way to save money and maintain control of the entire process. When you self-publish, you are the boss, and it is your work that takes center stage.

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