The Basics of Self Publishing

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All aspiring writers know one thing—you need to eventually publish your work to be recognized for it, and maybe even make some money with your art. There are a few different options out there for publishing, including the increasingly popular idea of self publishing.

It used to be that you could hire an agent to get your book into the hands of a large publishing company. Today that option is very difficult, with most publishers shying away from unknown authors because of the risk. There are some small publishing houses out there, but they are generally interested in a particular genre, and if your book does not fit the bill, they will be unlikely to take the project too.

For these reasons, self publishing has become more and more attractive to many aspiring authors. You are the boss, you get to make all the big decisions, and you also retain all the rights to the book. In addition, it is a fairly easy process with many companies available to assist with publishing a book yourself, and if the book is successful, you may be able to make more money on your own.

Self publishing is very easy—an author is often only required to create and upload the book as a PDF, create and upload cover art, and approve the proof that comes a couple of weeks later. With most companies designed for self publishers, the end result is a quality book.

When you create your book, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind. Do you want to create a book for future generations to be able to see a family history? Do you want to try and make money on the project? If so, do you have a good niche that you can market the product to? Knowing these things in advance can help you create a good plan for publishing your books that will accomplish your goals without overspending.

Having a catchy, unique title and professional-looking cover art are also important if you want your book to be noticed. Most self publishers sell their products exclusively online, so getting the right title that will help searchers find your book, and having a cover that looks attractive and professional, can increase the number of buyers for your literary works.

If you do not have access to a graphic designer, editor, and copy editor, you may be able to get those services from a self publishing company. Ask about the terms and costs in advance to make sure you are getting what you need from the service. If you prefer to work in person with someone, you may be able to hire someone to work with locally.

Finally, have a marketing plan that outlines how you will sell your book well before the book is finished. Think about several different marketing avenues you can use to promote your book, because they may not all work out the way you planned. Having a plan often means you will be more successful than if you just create the book and hope it will magically sell.

If you are thinking about self publishing, there are many resources out there to get your book on the market. Find the right one today, and get your literary masterpiece out to your readers.

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